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Tap Into Your Money-Making Genius and Discover What’s Next For Your Business

Hey There,

I'm Mariko Frederick

And if you're reading this, you're probably interested in boosting your business earnings while staying true to your spiritual self. Well, you've come to the right place because we're all about combining energy healing and business strategy to help you reach your goals.

So, let's get down to business, shall we?

What is the Business Clarity mentorship?

The Business Clarity Intensive is the perfect choice for entrepreneurs who need clarity on their business and want to remove the obstacles getting in the way of their success.

This three-month mentorship program helps you to tap into your money-making genius, heal what's blocking you, and uncover what's next for your business.

Through Mariko's signature work—Astral Therapy®you'll be able to dissolve what's holding you back and move forward with confidence.

The first step in our roadmap is to identify what's blocking and stopping you from earning more money. This might be a limiting belief you have about money or an old trauma. Whatever it is, we'll work with you to release it and move forward.

Next, we'll develop a customized plan for your business. This plan will take into account your unique talents and strengths, as well as your spiritual values. We'll help you leverage these qualities to create a business model that aligns with your soul's purpose.

From there, we'll implement strategies that will help you grow your business and increase your earnings. This might include marketing techniques, product ideas, or customer flow. The key is to make sure that every action you take is in alignment with your spiritual values and goals.

So, there you have it - a roadmap for boosting your business earnings while staying true to your spiritual self.

I'm excited to work with you and help you achieve your highest potential. Let's get started!

What's included in the 3-month Business Clarity Mentorship

Each month includes:

  • 2 Monthly Custom Astral Therapy® 2-hour calls
  • 2 Monthly Custom Astral Therapy Imprint™ Recording (To listen to daily)
  • 1 Monthly Business Strategy Coaching Call
  • Voxer Support. It's like having Mariko in your pocket!
  • Tap into your money-making genius.
  • Discover what's next for your business.
  • Dissolve what's holding you back.

You're in good company

You'll be joining the community of satisfied clients who have remarkable things to say about the Business Clarity Mentorship

I just brought on 7 new clients in 5 days of working with Mariko!


I made 97K in one month after just a few Astral Therapy sessions with Mariko!!


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