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Go beyond this realm to clear a parallel lifetime holding you back

If you've done deep healing work and still feel something is blocking you from your highest path the answer may lie in a parallel lifetime.

You are a multi-dimensional being and sometimes we need to look beyond clearing what's happened in this life or a past life. The answer may be found in a parallel life or a lifetime in another dimension.

In this powerful 1-hour pre-recorded Astral Therapy® Masterclass, you'll be guided to experience the moment in your parallel lifetime that's been holding you back and clear it.

What to expect

During this masterclass, you'll have the opportunity to dive deep into the mysteries of your parallel lifetimes under the guidance of our skilled instructors. Here's a sneak peek of the transformative experiences that await you:

  • Connect to the Parallel Lifetime Holding You Back: Gain profound insights into the parallel life that may be shaping your present experiences and personal growth.
  • Dissolve Anything Holding You Back: Discover powerful Astral Therapy® techniques to release and dissolve any barriers from parallel existences that might be impacting your current path.
  • Meet and Connect with Your Spirit Guides: Forge new connections with your spiritual guides, tapping into their wisdom and unwavering support.
  • Experience the Parallel Life in This Dimension or Another: Immerse yourself in the intricacies of a parallel existence, whether it unfolds within this dimension or transcends beyond.
  • Feel Safe and Nurtured in the Higher Realms: Throughout our session, you'll be enveloped in a supportive and nurturing environment, empowering you to explore higher realms of consciousness with confidence.
  • Prepare to expand your horizons and embrace the possibilities of your multidimensional self.

This is a powerful 1 hour pre-recorded intermediate-level Astral Therapy® experience into the higher realms to clear a parallel lifetime holding you back from your biggest potential. Because you'll have lifetime access to this

Astral Therapy® you can clear several lifetimes whenever you feel called to.


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