Online courses designed to help you

  • Release old emotions
  • Call in more abundance
  • Step into your next level

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Courses designed to help you:

  • Release old emotions and beliefs
  • Call in more abundance
  • Step into your next level

All courses contain pre-recorded audio and video Astral Therapy® sessions.

The Abundant Soul Workshop

LIVE July 25th 2024

Calling all Higher Realm Beings...

Are you ready to embrace true abundance in every area

of your life

Just $11 Until 7/16/24

The Activation of Higher Realm beings

Activate your higher realm frequencies and experience yourself in the higher realms in this powerful 1 hour pre-recorded Astral Therapy®


Clearing Parallel Lives

In this powerful 1-hour pre-recorded Astral Therapy® Masterclass, you'll be guided to experience the moment in your parallel lifetime that's been holding you back and clear it.


Quantum Energy Protection

Clear unwanted and lower vibrational energies in this sacred Astral Therapy® Masterclass for light workers, coaches, and healers who desire more wealth.


Soul Priority Collective Membership

Live Monthly Group Calls With Mariko

For higher realm souls here to uplevel the world.

Heal past lives.

Activate your wealth codes

Heal the witch wound

Connect with your guides and higher self and more.

Starts at $49 a month

The Soul Assignment Leadership Academy

A 12-month Online Academy

This entire course is currently included as a bonus in the Soul Priority Collective Membership