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Heal Your Past and Unlock Your Soul’s True Mission with Soul Assignment Leadership Academy

Any of this sound familiar?

  • Do you ever feel apologetic about how gifted you are?
  • Are you better at making other people or businesses money than yourself?
  • Feel like you should share your gift for free but are willing to pay other people for their gifts and services?
  • Are you amazing at seeing everyone else’s purpose and potential but you haven't fully owned yours?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed or stuck when it comes to creating what you’re here to create—even though you’re a genius at helping other people?
  • Have you ever hidden from the spotlight even though you know it's meant for you?
  • Are you ready to unveil your psychic abilities but aren't sure how?

If so, just know I’ve been there and you’re not alone...


A feeling I was meant for more but didn't know exactly what it was or how to get there.

Do you ever feel like you have a gift, but don't quite know what to do with it?

Maybe you're great at helping others succeed but haven't quite figured out how to do the same for yourself.

Or maybe you feel like you should be sharing your gift for free, even though others are willing to pay for it.

I can relate. For 10 years, after a near-death experience, I knew I was meant for something more—but felt stuck in my pursuit of it. I had to overcome limiting beliefs and blocks before I could fully embrace my own potential.

And even then, it wasn't easy.

Maybe you're in the same boat. Maybe you see potential in everyone else but struggle to see your own. Maybe you're afraid to step into the spotlight or unsure of how to unleash your intuitive gifts.

But here's the thing:

You have a unique set of gifts and talents that no one else does. And they're just waiting to be shared with the world. So don't be apologetic for how gifted you are. Embrace it. Own it. And know that the world needs what you have to offer.

I know this because I went through the same thing...

Until I discovered how to activate and make money with my gifts through the teachings I received during my near-death experience.

I came back with a new teaching of what I call the four Soul Archetypes™.

These archetypes help you live the assignment on your soul and unapologetically make money doing what you're here to do.

Which is what I want for you.

And they'll do that—if they aren't wounded...

How to know if you have a wounded Soul Archetype™

The Connector Archetype™

This is your money maker

When the Connector Archetype is wounded you tend to let others gain from your abilities, gifts, and contact list without gaining from them yourself.

You're great at making other people money but you have trouble making it for yourself.

The Creator Archetype™

create from your soul

When the Creator Archetype is wounded you have trouble letting your ideas out of your head and into the world. You tend to undercharge for your work and have trouble feeling like your projects are finished.

The Reflector Archetype™

Unlock your gifts and potential

When the Reflector Archetype is wounded you tend to see everyone else as more qualified, deserving, and even gifted than you are. Even when you're the most gifted person in the room.

The Expander Archetype™

Share your message with the world

When the Expander Archetype is wounded you tend to put everyone else in the spotlight while avoiding it yourself. You may feel conflicted because you're a natural-born leader but you're hiding behind the scenes.

Healing all four Soul Archetypes™ is the key to successfully living your soul assignment




The Soul Assignment Leadership Academy

To help you heal and release

what's holding you back

from stepping into your greatness.

Imagine if

  • You were 100% unapologetically you?
  • Earned a great income by living your soul assignment.
  • Woke up every day clear on what your soul is here to create.
  • You let everyone see who you really are and what your gifts are.
  • Healed the hidden emotional and energetic wounds from this life or past lives that are blocking you from your highest potential.
  • Made the impact you're here to make each day?

What's in the Soul Assignment Leadership Academy?

Go beyond the mind, subconscious mind, and into the source—your Soul—to laser heal, break free of limiting human beliefs, and live your Soul Assignment through my powerful signature work Astral Therapy®

  • 4 complete courses—one for each soul archetype
  • 5 modules in each course
  • 5 Astral Therapy® sessions for the specific archetype wounds
  • Journal Prompts
  • That's a total of 20 Astral Therapy® Sessions

Course 1

Healing the Connector Archetype

In Wealth & Purpose, I'll help you discover and heal hidden beliefs and wounds around wealth so you can let go of any money wounds you've been carrying. It's time to step into earning through your Soul Assignment.

Course 2

Healing the Creator Archetype

Heal your Creator Wound in Soul Creations and set yourself free to create from your Soul something only you can bring to the world.

Course 3

Healing the Reflector Wound

In Blueprint for Success, you'll heal your Reflector Archetype Wound. This wound is what stops you from seeing your own gifts and genius. Learn to discover and unapologetically expand into your gifts, and full potential and earn money doing it.

Course 4

Heal the Expander Archetype

In The Expanded Soul, we'll dive deep into what's keeping you small. Step into the role you’re meant for and learn to lead from your soul. Let go of the need to stay behind the scenes and step into the spotlight where you belong.

So go ahead, step into the spotlight. Share your gift with the world. You never know who you might inspire along the way.

Soul Assignment Leadership Academy

  • Heal your wounds around money
  • Get clear on what you're here to create
  • Fearlessly access a new level of your own genius
  • Start living the life that's meant for you


  • Soul Assignment Leadership Academy ($4444.00 Value)

Plus The Bonus Library

  • Branding Basics. Learn to DIY your brand like a pro. ($444 Value)
  • 5-Figure Month Strategy Learn how I consistently earn 5-figure months ($111 Value)
  • Make Money Being You ($49 Value)
  • Quantum Protection for Lightworkers, Coaches, and Healers who desire wealth ($22 Value)
  • Released Let go of the rules that are holding you back ($222 Value)
  • The Soul Archetype Activation
  • Awakening Your World and Business Vision ($222 Value)
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Total Value: $5514.00

Today's Price:

Only $1,888.

Results from our members so far

See what Mia, Batista, and Danielle had to say about us

“Already attracted a paid-in-full client”

Everything Mariko teaches is cellularly reprogramming and clearing the way for my soul to emerge. I'm acting from a place of higher confidence and trust in myself since joining Soul Assignment Leadership Academy, already attracted a PAID IN FULL client, and knew exactly how to show up for this person. Which is a way sexier method for me to deliver my gifts and hella easier!!!

-- Mia Frankle,

CEO of PowHerFulI Inc

“Exceeded all my expectations”

Mariko’s Astral Imprinting Therapy has exceeded all my expectations in healing deep-rooted wounds that have kept me unable to pursue writing my next book Stronger Than Medicine, for the last five years. In just a few months, my book is almost finished now!

Her Astral Therapy helps me erase generational traumas and limiting beliefs at the DNA level and enables me to create my life from a higher level of awareness, thus reaching my Highest Potential fast.

I highly recommend anyone who strives to align their soul's deepest desire with their business to join Mariko’s programs.

-- Batista Gremaud, Dr Fittness USA

“I'm not stopping”

“I was seeking clarity but didn't expect all the Astral Imprinting Therapies. I love that the Astral Therapies were from me—my soul—and my thoughts.

I've gone through courses before and haven't implemented them—but now—I'm not stopping.

I loved being in The Soul Archetype Leadership Academy!”

--Danielle Scott 5 X Olympian, 2 X Silver Medalist

Who is this for ?

This works for you too, no matter what business you're in



Course Creators






Stay at home moms

Results don't lie, here's more proof of our happy clients

What others are saying

“This was the best investment I've ever made”

—Pauline R

“I feel more alive than ever”

—Julie H


Mariko Frederick

My goal is to help you clear away what's blocking you from living the life you know is meant for you, monetize your gifts, and become unapologetic about how gifted you are.

  • Over 20 years of experience in personal development and healing.
  • # 1 International Best-Selling Author
  • Founder of Astral Therapy®
  • Nationally Board Certified with the NCCAOM

Love it or leave it policy

There’s zero risk for you with our 100% money-back guarantee

I'm not asking you to decide yes or no today, I'm asking you to make a fully informed decision.

The only way you can make a fully informed decision is on the inside, not the outside.

So you get to see everything in this program and decide if it's truly valuable.

And then if it is—keep it. If it's not for you—no hard feelings.

After registering for the Soul Assignment Leadership Academy today you'll be able to make a fully informed decision.

You can't make a decision right now for the same reason. You don't buy a house without looking at the inside, right?

And know this, 30 days from now if you're not happy—I'm not happy.

And for whatever reason—if you want your money back—I'll refund you because I only want to keep your money if you're happy. All you have to do is email and we will send it back to you.

You can only make this kind of guarantee when you're confident that what you have is the real deal. And I'm very confident when you sign up for the Soul Assignment Leadership Academy you're going to get exactly what you need to heal what's been holding you back from living and earning money through your soul assignment.

Frequently asked questions

How long do I have access to the Soul Assignment Leadership Academy?

You have lifetime access to the academy once you register. So if something comes up in a year or 5 years from now you can just go back and heal it without spending another dime.

How long does it take to go through the academy?

It's a self-paced course but we recommend watching one class per week followed by the Astral Imprint the next week. This will take you around 9 months to complete all of the modules and Astral Therapies®. The Bonus Library will take more time.

This is a very thorough course, if you're looking for a quick fix—this is not it.

In my experience, quick fixes don't work. We need to settle in and do the work to get the best results. Healing is at our own pace and can't be rushed.

That's why I'm giving you lifetime access, if something comes up a year from now, or 5 years from now I want you to be able to go back and get what you need without spending another dime.

How long do I have to decide if I want to keep it?

You have 30 days to look around after you register and decide if you want to keep the program. If you decide to keep it great,—it's yours for life—if not I'll refund you when you email me at No hard feelings.

What's the best way to go through the 4 courses?

Pick the course you feel you need most today and watch each week's full video before moving on to the Astral Therapy® session. Then listen to the Astral Therapy® for a full week before watching the next week's class.

Each course has 5 modules inside plus 5 Astral Therapy® Imprinting sessions so take your time and start where you need it most.

Make sure you're in a quiet, undisturbed space while watching the videos and Astral Therapy Imprinting™.

You can even listen to the Astral Imprinting™ while you're falling asleep!

It's that easy.

Do I have to take them in a certain order?

You can start with whichever course you feel you need right now.


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