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Ready to experience the fullness of the gifts that you were put here on earth to experience inside my membership?

I'll be helping you unlock your gifts in a way you've never experienced before.

I'm bringing the most brilliant light beings from the higher realms together into a monthly Astral Therapy® membership where we'll travel into the higher realms together to clear what's holding you back from your intergalactic gifts, wealth, love, health, and soul assignment.

Global change begins within

💫 Heal Your Past Lives:

Unlock the secrets of your soul's history from this realm or a higher one.

Through live Astral Therapies®, Mariko will guide you in liberating yourself from the weight of the past, allowing for deep healing and personal liberation.

🚀 Uplevel into Your Higher Self: Ascend to new heights of consciousness. Mariko's live sessions will empower you to connect with your higher self, unlocking your true potential and aligning you with the cosmic energy of self-discovery.

🌟 Activate Your Purpose, Passion, and Abundance: Discover and activate your soul assignment. Mariko will guide you in unlocking your passions, manifesting abundance, and aligning with the cosmic energy of fulfillment.

🌞 Shift into a Positive Mindset: Elevate your spirit with positive vibrations. Mariko's live interactions will provide you with practical tools to shift your mindset, fostering resilience and optimism in the face of life's challenges.

🔮 Activate Your Unique Code of Healing: Tap into your unique code of healing. Mariko's expertise will help you unlock your innate healing abilities, transforming not only your life but also those around you.

💔 Heal Family Wounds and the Witch Wound: Address deep-seated family wounds and heal the witch wound with Mariko's compassionate guidance, fostering reconciliation and liberation from ancestral patterns.

💰 Activate Your Wealth Codes: Unlock the cosmic codes of wealth within you. Mariko will guide you in activating abundance and prosperity, aligning you with the universal flow of financial well-being.

💫 All this and more plus live Q & A's: Each monthly call will allow time for questions and answers.

📅 Replays Available: Miss a session? Don't worry! All sessions will be recorded and available for replay in both the Soul Priority course portal and our private Facebook community, ensuring you can revisit the transformative content at your own pace.

🌟 Cancel Anytime: Enjoy the flexibility of a month-to-month membership. Cancel anytime without hassle.

You don't have to take my word for it though. Here's what other members have to say about the Soul Priority Collective Membership:

Membership Benefits

  • Get 10% off all live online courses Mariko teaches in 2024 while you're an active member.
  • Access The Collective Members Library
  • Access to the replays
  • Cancel Anytime

This monthly membership includes one live Astral Therapy® group call each month via Zoom.

Time for Q & A during the call. Questions must be kept to the month's topic.

A private Facebook group to connect to the other members.

These are life-changing calls.

Get in now for only $88 a month.


Mia Frankle,

CEO of PowHerFulI Inc

Everything Mariko teaches is cellularly reprogramming and clearing the way for my soul to emerge. I'm acting from a place of higher confidence and trust in myself since joining Soul Assignment Leadership Academy, already attracted a PAID IN FULL client, and knew exactly how to show up for this person. Which is a way sexier method for me to deliver my gifts and hella easier!!!

-- Batista Gremaud, Dr Fittness USA

Mariko’s Astral Therapy® has exceeded all my expectations in healing deep-rooted wounds that have kept me unable to pursue writing my next book Stronger Than Medicine, for the last five years. In just a few months, my book is almost finished now!

Her Astral Therapy® helps me erase generational traumas and limiting beliefs at the DNA level and enables me to create my life from a higher level of awareness, thus reaching my Highest Potential fast.

I highly recommend anyone who strives to align their soul's deepest desire with their business to join Mariko’s programs.

-- Batista Gremaud, Dr Fittness USA

--Danielle Scott 5 X Olympian, 2 X Silver Medalist

I was seeking clarity but didn't expect all the Astral Therapies®. I love that the Astral Therapies were from me—my soul—and my thoughts.

I've gone through courses before and haven't implemented them—but now—I'm not stopping.”


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