Hi There, I'm

Hi There, I'm

I believe business is the way in which we can serve from our soul’s purpose.

I believe there’s enough for everyone and that there is no competition.

I believe my soulmate clients will find me and your soulmate clients will find You.

The old paradigm of making money the priority doesn’t feel right to those of us with an assignment on our soul.

My clients are living proof that you can both live your soul assignment and earn great money.

But service from your soul has to come first.

I'm Mariko, the founder and CEO of Soul Priority. My mission is to usher in a new standard for life and business that's aligned with the assignment on your soul.

My unique approach stems from my passion and ability to help people around the world discover and embody the assignment on their soul by activating and healing what I call the Four Soul Archetypes.

In my signature Highertherapy™ sessions, I help people create the life clarity and abundance they had only dreamed of.

Working with people who know they’re meant for more and are ready for a deeper integration of their life, business and spiritual path is my purpose. My clients learn to live the assignment on their soul, attract abundance and create the life they know is meant for them.

I'm an author, spiritual healer, mentor and board-certified with the National Certification Commission For Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine In Asian Bodywork therapy.

Living your soul assignment will expand you into the person you feel you’re meant to be—not the other way around.

Action comes first.

Stop waiting to become the version of you who can and do it now.

If you’re stuck let’s heal and clear what’s keeping you from your soul assignment.

I help clients heal deep feelings of unworthiness around their own soul assignment that's been there for lifetimes.

Imagine healing lifetimes of unworthiness in one session.

What would life look like if you felt truly worthy of your own Soul Assignment?