Are you here to change the world?

Let me be blunt. This world isn't the only one. There are higher realms and there are lower ones too. Earth—in my experience, staying conscious between lifetimes—is a C average planet. Which doesn't sound very hopeful when you look around at some of the things and situations humans have created.

But here's the good news. Remember I said there are higher realms too? Well, that's where there's hope because I think you're from one.

How do you know you're a higher realm being?

1. You don't and never felt like you fit in here.

2. The things that get other people excited don't light you up.

3. You can't do "small talk".

4. You've probably had an experience or two of an awakening moment...and if you're asking if "that time" counts, it does. I'm telling you this because you tend to second-guess amazing things that happen to you. So yes that was a clue for you.

5. You're carrying a blueprint from a higher realm inside (you feel it) so let's get you aligned and thriving into your limitless potential!

Many people in my circle are from the higher realms—because I call them into my life—and we're here to usher humanity into a higher awakening.

But to do this we need to do a few things first:

1. Come together in a community

2. Reach our limitless potential

3. Dissolve anything blocking you from your soul assignment, wealth codes, intuitive gifts, or even your intergalactic gifts.

Yes, I said Intergalactic Gifts.

Just wait till you see what you can really do!!!


The Soul Priority Collective.

I'm bringing the most brilliant light beings from the higher realms together into a monthly Astral Therapy® membership where we'll travel into the higher realms together to clear what's holding you back from your own greatness, wealth, love, health, intergalactic gifts, and soul assignment.

This is the work I do with my 1:1 clients who invest 5 figures to work with me. For perspective, a single Astral Therapy® session with me is $1500.

But I'm bringing you together with your higher realm community for as low as $65 a month!

Decide to step fully into your power as a light being and let's change the world!