Astral Therapy®

experience your true Self without the constraints of this world.

see and actually experience who you TRULY are on a higher level

connect with that deep truth living inside of you and step into the version of you who is that every day of your life.

Astral Therapy® is what I created to help people experience the clarity I received during my near-death experience and life between lifetimes.

I help by bringing souls who are here to change the world into the higher realms so you can EXPERIENCE who you are as a light being and what your bigger soul mission is.

Many women (and a few men) come to me to get clear on their purpose and how that connects to their business or often something new calling them.

We remove anything blocking or stopping you from the success you want. The block could be something from this life or another life.

Next, I anchor in the codes of your soul's mission, money, clarity, success, joy, or whatever you specifically want more access to in your daily life.

I call this an Astral Imprint because I’m literally imprinting you with your highest potential—sometimes from future timelines so you can become that badass version of yourself right now.

It’s a powerful life-changing experience.

Once you see and experience yourself in your full power there’s no going back.

In this 2 hour session, we travel into the higher realms to not only get you the answers you seek but to allow you to EXPERIENCE the truth of who you are.

You'll receive the recording after your session.

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